Crab Artwork

It’s almost summertime and getting to that time of going to beaches and lakes and exploring all the creatures that live there!  My kids love going to this beach by us that is in an inlet.  You can see the crabs and minoes moving around.  They love to catch the tiny fish in the bucket and watch them!!  In honor of the coming warmer beach weather (can you tell I am ready for it?) I am doing some sea animal crafts!  Today we are creating a Crab Craft!  I was inspired for this craft by a GREAT craft book called Crafty Kids: Fun Projects for You and Your Toddler by Rosie Hankin.  I was at the library with my kids the other day and discovered this book while browsing the craft section for inspiration.  All of the crafts in this book are simple to create and have great colorful pictures.  You will be seeing more crafts inspired by this book in the future.

So here is what you need to make Carl the Crab


  • Paper Plate
  • Construction paper-one color for legs and one for background
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Tape


  • Paint underside of paper plate
  • Paint eyes on plate by edge
  • Let Plate dry
  • Tape two pieces of construction paper together (unless you have a big piece of paperstock)
  • Put plate on paper, centered and draw a circle around it.
  • Remove plate
  • Cut out two pincher claws and eight legs from other color construction paper (different from background)
  • Glue Pinchers and legs on circle
  • Glue dried plate on Construction paper.

You might like to talk about that Crab starts with C and write out the words “Carl the Crab” showing your child the C to reinforce their letter learning and the sound that goes with it.  Enjoy your Crab Artwork !!

What do you like to do in the summer? Share in the comments below.