After hearing about the request for snowflakes in Newtown, Connecticut for the kids when they return to school, we decided we wanted to help.  We have made all kinds of snow flakes for the kids there.  We just wanted to be able to do something.  It is such a heartbreaking tragedy.

My daughter showed me how to make this great snowflake that is a little different then the typical one and I thought I would share how to do it.

  1. Fold paper in half so there is extra on the top and side.
  2. Cut the extra off.
  3. Fold into another triangle.
  4. Cut strips, but not all the way through.
  5. Open up paper
  6. Bring center together and staple or tape 7.  Flip over and take next two strips and staple, do this until you have all strips stapled. 8. Make 6 and staple them together in the center.
  7. Once you have them all together you have your beautiful 3d snow flake.  Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!!