Bunny Rabbit

This is the first in my series of crafts you can do with styrofoam.  There are endless possibilities!!  In this one we made an Easter Craft.  The bunny rabbit is really simple to make.

I would suggest to read a book before doing this project, perhaps an Easter themed book like Max’s Easter Surprise (Max and Ruby) or a classic like, Guess How much I Love You! by Sam McBratney.  I love that story and the message to children about how much you love them.



  1. Take toothpick and make it a little smaller, then put each end into two of the same size Styrofoam balls, bringing them to touch  each other.
  2. Add smaller Styrofoam ball on top of two other balls and attach with a toothpick (break toothpick in half and use just one half)
  3. Cut Pipe cleaner into smaller pieces (two of same size) Make and oval loop and twist bottom together with enough extra to insert into top of small ball for ears.
  4. Insert two oval shaped pipe cleaners into top of smallest ball
  5. Cut another set of pipecleaners for feet.  Shape like a rabbit’s  foot and leave enough pipecleaner to insert into bottom of larger styrofoam balls-Make two for the feet and insert
  6. Cut another set of pipecleaners for arms and insert in sides
  7. Glue on both googly eyes, let dry
  8. Draw a nose and whiskers with a marker
  9. Decorate how you like

You have your styrofoam Rabbit!!