Water Color Painting

I had almost forgotten about the great fun Water Color Painting can be!  My mom bought the kids a set, with the special water color paper and paints.  They are terrific!!  My kids love using it!  They can get really creative with the colors and they enjoy using the texture water color paper.  There art work looks so professional when done on that nice thick cardboard water color paper!


It really doesn’t take many supplies to create beautiful water color paintings.  My Daughter wants to be an Artist and really enjoyed creating these masterpieces of hers!  The only down side is that the paper is a bit expensive.  So I am trying to think of other kinds of things that might work well.  Perhaps White Cardboard or corrugated Cardboard might work as a substitute.



If you haven’t tried water color painting for a while and your kids enjoy painting as much as mine, I highly reccomend trying it out!

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