Garden Rocks

Earth Day Activity – Painted Garden Rocks

This week on Toddler Craft we are going to be exploring a variety of Earth Day themed activites.  This first one was inspired by the beautiful Beach day we had here on Sunday!  It was 65 degrees out and sunny-so we decided to go to the beach for some digging and rock collecting!!  I really love this time of year.  My kids were in their glory playing in the sand and with buckets of water!!  We collected some beautiful rocks and decided it would be fun to paint them!!  The rocks are now in my Garden!!  This is a great Earth Day Activity.  If you can’t get to a beach you can find rocks where ever you are and paint them for display in a garden or use them as a paperweight!  They can also be a great Mother’s Day Present!

Earth Day began as a grass roots effort to bring the environment into the public eye in 1970.  It was organized as a demonstration which quickly took  on great meaning to many Americans.  It was founded by Gaylord Nelson who was a Senator from Wisconsin in 1970.  Earth Day’s goal is to bring the environment to the forefront and make each of us realize that we need to do our part to improve our environment.  It is a great opportunity to highlight the importance of caring for our environment to our children!!  Reading books to children like It’s Earth Day by Mercier Mayer is a great way to begin to teach your child about Earth Day.

Other Earth Day Activities to enjoy with your child:

  • Enjoy nature together, go to the park, beach, for a hike-point out the flowers, trees etc.
  • Explain about recycling and why it is important
  • Demonstrate how you recycle
  • Create crafts from nature or Recycle items for crafts- like the Painted Planter
  • Turn out the lights for a few minutes


Painting rock


  • Rocks
  • Washable Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Clear Acrilic spray to keep Paint from running


  1. Collect Rocks (shells work great too!!)
  2. Wash and Dry Rocks
  3. Paint Rocks
  4. Let Dry
  5. Spray clear coat over rock
  6. Let Dry
  7. Enjoy!!

If you create your own rocks-share them with me- you can email me at

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Keep an eye out for more earth day activities this week!