Earthday Poster
Creative Commons License photo credit: spacedustdesign


I love creating activities with holiday themes.  Earth Day is a particular fun one since I like that my children are learning a very important lesson about caring for our environment.  Below are some fun Earth Day Activities you can enjoy with your kids.

  • Plant a tree, plant or Garden
  • Recycle your paper, cans, etc., have your kids help! They love it and they learn while doing it.
  • Buy recycled products
  • Create a Recycled Craft
  • Walk to the Park/Store
  • Turn off the lights and computer when you are not using it
  • Air Dry your clothes in warm weather

Some Sites that are celebrating earth week this week.  Check out their great crafts and activities.

Share with me your crafts and Activities you are doing for Earth Day this week in the comments!!